Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is a continuous process of detecting, classifying, and eliminating vulnerabilities.

The vulnerability management process necessarily includes the operation of the vulnerability scanner and looks like this:

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities - at this stage, the network is scanned to identify existing devices. Also at this stage, a check is performed for open ports, the scanner tries to capture all possible information about the network.
  • Evaluating Vulnerabilities - after scanning the network and identifying risks, it is necessary to evaluate and compare them according to the organization's risk management strategy. To do this, vulnerability management solutions use evaluation systems such as the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).
  • Treating Vulnerabilities - determining priorities for fixing existing vulnerabilities, depending on their criticality for the company.
  • Reporting Vulnerabilities - performing regular and continuous vulnerability assessments allows organizations to stay safe and monitor information about their vulnerabilities to identify them earlier than attackers.
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