Servers and data storage

2.5 exabytes of data are generated daily, and the total amount of data is doubled every two years. However, storage budgets are growing very slowly, which only increases the gap between needs and existing capacity data storage systems.

The main goal of the consolidated infrastructure is to integrate the company's data into a single system and support centralized information management throughout its entire life cycle.

Seeton It can help you select, develop, and implement enterprise solutions for data storage and backup, including disk storage systems, tape libraries, and specialized software.

Our experienced architects work to find out the specific business requirements of the client and create a server and storage configuration focused only on their needs, including::

  • centralize your IT infrastructure for more efficient management,
  • reduce total IT costs while improving the quality of service delivery (SLA),
  • manage growing amounts of data on servers,
  • ensuring the required application performance,
  • optimal use of hardware platforms, local storage locations,
  • ensuring fault tolerance and scalability,
  • backup and archiving,
  • ensuring business continuity.

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