Unified Communications

Seeton offers solutions in the field of unified communications system unified communications, i.e. platforms that integrate email, voice, messaging, audio, video conferencing, and the like.

Unified communications systems they create a unified field of communication for the company's employees, its clients and contractors, provide opportunities for interactive interaction, high fault tolerance and information security.

Advantages of Unified communications:

  • Increasing employee mobility
  • Collaboration and distance learning
  • Safety and reliability

Unified communications systems reduce IT infrastructure costs through a single platform and a single user directory. This simplifies management and reduces administrative costs. Some elements can be implemented on existing hardware or integrated with existing enterprise systems.

Solutions are implemented on the basis of products from the world's leading vendors:

  • Microsoft Unified Communications It combines an email client, a mobile app, and an instant messenger. It allows you to hold audio and video conferences, remote presentations, and share your desktop.
  • Products Cisco Unified Communications Systems they help you build individual network tools or full-scale contact centers, monitor and manage them.

Key Unified communications services and solutions:

  • IP telephony services
  • Collaboration technologies
  • Conference call systems
  • Contact centers
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