Networks and Telecommunications

SEETON GROUP He has many years of experience in the design, construction and technical support of communication and data transmission networks. We provide comprehensive services for building telecommunications operators and corporate networks for businesses in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. We design and build technological premises for equipment placement, from small server rooms to data centers of national telecom operators. We design and build highly reliable, secure transport and access networks that fully meet the requirements of our customers.

Modern business is impossible without data and process management the reliable networks created by us ensure continuous safe operation of the business access and access to the Internet. Thanks to us, our clients get reliable communication between branches and other structural divisions and the World thanks to secure Internet access.

Our specialists are always happy to help you create a comprehensive backup power system, which is very critical for the functioning and development of your business in our difficult times.

When implementing projects, we use not only our own experience, we are always in touch with the world's leading leaders in the production of equipment for network engineering infrastructure, telecommunications equipment and specialized software. Through this collaboration, we ensure that our customers receive the most innovative products for the most advanced data networks and data centers.

Our expertise and close contact with our partners allow us to pay special attention to an integrated approach to the implementation of turnkey projects. For our customers, this means optimizing implementation costs, providing a complete list of possible integrations with existing customer systems, and ensuring expansion or modernization with minimal time and money.

Key services and solutions for telecom operators and service providers

Design and construction of telecommunication networks:
  • Design and construction of server rooms for small customers;
  • Design and construction of data centers;
  • Проектування та будівництво транспортних магістральних мереж DWDM;
  • Designing and building an aggregation network for Mobile Backhaul telecom operators;
  • Design and construction of transport networks and corporate IP / MPLS networks;
  • Проектування та побудова корпоративних мереж Wi-Fi;
  • Designing and building a Wi-Fi public access network;
  • Проектування та побудова мереж передачі даних для дата – центрів;
  • Design and build highly reliable networks using SD-WAN technology.

Technical support, network upgrades, and scaling:
  • Перша та друга лінії підтримки (детальніше дивіться розділ “Технічна підтримка”)
  • Ensuring the process of replacing equipment in case of failure.
Network management and monitoring:
  • Planning a client network monitoring strategy;
  • Selection and implementation of the monitoring system in accordance with the requirements;
  • Providing 24x7x365 monitoring.

Implementation and technical support services for mobile and fixed-line operators:
  • Solutions for routing signal traffic SS7, SIGTRAN, SIP-Trunk;
  • Solution for protecting the corporate IP telephony network (SBC-Session border Controller);
  • Solutions for routing and monitoring of corporate IP telephony networks;
  • Routing, traffic management, and load balancing solutions for IMS and LTE networks (DSR Diameter Signaling Router);
  • Quality monitoring systems for 2G/3G / LTE / IMS networks.
Design and implement VoIP and video conferencing solutions and contact centers.

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