Seeton has launched a "Cybersecurity Academy" for young and talented students who want to develop and become true professionals in this field

The cybersecurity industry is in the greatest demand and is always relevant in system integration and for each customer enterprise. As cyberattacks grow and become more sophisticated, cybersecurity products and solutions are dynamically and constantly changing, improving and updating.

For Seeton, the development of this industry is one of the priorities. That is why we have formed a highly qualified team of specialists from the cybersecurity team with a broad portfolio that is full of advanced competencies in this area and contains solutions from key leaders of Magic Quadrant Gartner.

Last year, we decided to give talented students the opportunity to develop in this field and gain practical experience and created the "Cybersecurity Academy". The company started cooperation with National Aviation University, State University of Telecommunicationsand Borys Hrynchenko Kyiv State University and conducted an industrial internship for students of these universities. Several successful and talented students are already studying and working at the Seeton Cybersecurity Academy.

During their studies at the Cybersecurity Academy, students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in information security, network and system cybersecurity, vulnerability, risk and threat management, incident investigation, and much more.

Students also have the opportunity to gain not only theoretical experience in building a secure company environment, but also practical experience in working with information security solutions, which will allow each of them to apply their knowledge in practice when implementing and using solutions in companies in Ukraine and around the world.

We expect that in 2023 Seeton company will be replenished with new technical specialists in the field of information security!

Do you want to become a cybersecurity expert? We are open to suggestions from young and ambitious people who want to gain practical knowledge for an exciting new job at Seeton!

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