We are pleased to announce that on October 2, we started a new exciting journey by moving to the ArtGarmat business center. This marks an important milestone in the development of our company, and we look forward to sharing our new space with all our friends, suppliers and partners.

Our new home in the ArtGarmat business Center is more than just an office: it is where ideas come to life and cooperation flourishes. We have created an environment that promotes innovation and productivity, with cozy meeting rooms and attractive coffee shops.

Whether it's discussing plans, brainstorming ideas, or viewing project status, our new office has plenty of space for everything!

At ArtGarmat business Center, your safety and well-being are a priority. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and supportive work environment, especially during times of war. Our premises are equipped with a state-of-the-art bomb shelter, which ensures that your safety is never compromised. In addition, we have provided ourselves with a fast and reliable Internet connection and generators to keep the lights on even in the event of unexpected problems.

We invite you to personally visit our office in the ArtGarmat business center. Let's reconnect offline, strengthen our partnership, and move forward together-to great victories!??

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