Seeton significantly expands its activities, increases its expertise and increases its portfolio of services in Ukraine. The company has also become international and is starting to operate in the Eastern Europe and Caucasus region.

Seeton, one of the leading system integrators in Ukraine, formerly known on the market as Sitronics Telecom Solutions Ukraine, has defined a new business strategy driven by the need for digitalization by business and the state. The company will focus on priority sectors where the IT component is most in demand – telecommunications and banking, industry, energy, agro, retail, and will strengthen cooperation with the public sector. The new strategy provides for activation both in Ukraine and expansion of the company's presence in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

Earlier in 2021, Sitronics changed its owner, and therefore its development strategy and business lines were revised. A full-fledged rebranding was also carried out, during which the company changed its name to Seeton, visual style and revised its philosophy – mission, values and principles of operation. After the rebranding, the company is guided by its mission to help businesses and society transform through technology.

With the expansion of technological activities in system integration, Seeton develops IT consulting. The company actively works in the field of information security, business intelligence, servers, data storage systems and directly in consulting, helping companies and organizations to comprehensively solve problems and plan the implementation of IT projects based on analytics and forecasting, taking into account current and future needs.

Seeton has already formed a team of key executives headed by Director Bohdan Horoshchak, who previously headed IBM in Ukraine.

"We will deepen our expertise in key sectors to help businesses and society gain new benefits from modern IT solutions. Ukraine is developing in the global trend of digitalization and is moving towards a digital state. Therefore, we are confident that now is the best time for changes in our company to support and strengthen this movement. Moreover, we are now entering the international market and will be able to apply our experience in Ukraine to other countries that are also following the path of digitalization.", - said Bohdan Khoroshchak, Director of Seeton. 

In the next few years, Seeton intends to invest in the development of employee competencies, team expansion, and intensive training of specialists on existing and new products. The second area of investment is business development abroad. Seeton has already opened a representative office in Azerbaijan, where it conducts new projects with its first clients, and plans further development in the Caspian region and in neighboring countries of Ukraine.

The new name of the company combines the words See and Tone – this emphasizes that it is able to see the needs of the client, keep its finger on the pulse and, relying on its own expertise, influence the development of the market. The brand's new design has become more concise and dynamic. And the key element in the name-the expressive letter " e " -is a reference to such strategically important digital processes and areas as e-democracy, e-governance and e-commerce.

About Seeton 

Seeton - Ukrainian national System Integrator, which has been implementing innovative IT practices for business and government in Ukraine and abroad for more than 20 years. Seeton is a team of experienced professionals who implement complex projects and the best strategic solutions in the interests of customers, helping customers to be flexible and adaptive to the challenges of today. Seeton's expertise covers a wide range of products and services, such as: telecommunications and engineering networks, IT infrastructure, virtualization systems, information and network security, data center and computing infrastructure, cloud solutions, business solutions, analytical systems, Big Data, consulting, knowledge management systems, unified communications, professional technical support, etc.e .. The Seeton team has more than 80 employees.

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